Top 10 Places for Premium WordPress Themes

As а WP blogger, you know that the great look of the blog depends on the themes you are about to put on your WordPress platform. There are a lot of themes on the net, some are free, some are premium (paid), some are with attractive design, some are not and so on. Everyone, who runs WordPress blog can choose from the huge number of templates. Well-known fact is that the professional look of your blog, especially if you do probloging, is really important and is the main key of the success. You will see that in your future experience.

You should remember that most of the WordPress sellers provide not only great design, functionalities, you will get also – lifetime updates, support, if there is any problems and all comes in the price you pay for that theme. Before you buying any product from such sites, you have to get familiar with their terms and conditions, prices and services. We have made a list with the most used and trusted Premium WordPress Themes. The list is a selection of the best sellers, that are proven to provide great services in the past years.

Best Premium WordPress Themes Providers:

1. Themeforest

Themeforest is, may be, choose number one, if we need a well-looking WordPress theme. Is has a huge portfolio of WordPress themes as well as other – OpenCart, joomla, osCommerce, PrestaShop, Drupal and so on. The site is not specializing only in providing themes for WP, but also well known with the biggest collection of any king of site skins. Thanks to the its developers and affiliates, the site is crowing every second with new stuff. Their other site Codecanyon, offers a wide range of plugins for your WordPress blog.


 Themeforest in digits:

Total Themes: ~3213
Total Plugins: ~1475
All kind of themes: ~10406
Free Themes Available: No
Pricing: $20 – $60 (one time, individual theme pricing)


Themify is one of the best sellers of premium WordPress themes on the net. It has a lot of interesting and attractive themes such as Thememin, Elamin, Edmin, which are best for people with  blogs, and in case you want to get a business look, there is also a solution for you –  Full screen, Photobox, Folo. The site offers great quality and that’s why is one of the recommenced options, if you need professional look of your blog.

Themify in digits:

Total WordPress Themes: ~36
Free Themes Available: Yes
Pricing: $39 (one time) – 2 Themes ; $69/year – All themes

3. Theme Junkie

Theme Junkie is another great place to get  professional WordPress theme. Specializing in providing News, Fashion, Video Blogs themes, Theme Junkie is the right place for you, if you want to give your blog a new look.

Theme Junkie
Theme Junkie in digits:

Total Themes: ~33
Free Themes Available: Yes
Pricing: $49 – 3 Themes ; $59 – All Themes (6 months) ; $69 – All Themes (12 months)

4. Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is a popular WP themes seller, that has a lot of beautiful designs and a few very useful plugins. The seller has more than 190 000 customers world wide. One of the most preferred WordPress themes provider.


Elegant Themes in digits:

Total Themes: ~86
Total Plugins: 4
Free Themes Available: No
Pricing: $39/year – All themes ; $89/year – All Themes & Plugins + Layered PhotoShop Files

5. MyThemeShop

MyThemeShop is a great place to get your new look of your WP blog. It suits every budget and the site has a great number of premium and free themes, many of them have responsive design, which is an exelent way to attract more people using their mobile devices to reach your site. As we know, nowadays, mobile optimization is another thing we should thing of, developing a site or a blog. Please, take a look and find out for yourself, that the price you will about to pay is reasonable for what you get.


MyThemeShop in digits:

Total Themes: ~52
Free Themes Available: Yes
Pricing: $35 – 1 Theme ; $99 – All Themes + PSDs

6. Themefuse

Themefuse is giving you the opportunity to make your blog look the way you have always imagined. The products and services that the site offers are not cheap and could not be for every blogger, but it worth every cent. The themes are mostly for site owners, who want to give a great business look of their blog. Check it, you will find what you are looking for.


Themefuse in digits:

Total Themes: ~33
Free Themes Available: No
Pricing: $49 – $99 (one time, individual theme pricing) ; $119 + $17/month – All Themes

7. Theme Trust

ThemeTrust offers to its bloggers premium WordPress themes that are beautiful and easy to use. Most of the themes are business, which alarms that the site is specializing in providing solution for the small and large companies. The seller also has a social plugin, that will cost you zero an more than 30 000 satisfied customers world wide. We commend it, if you want to get your blogging to another level.


ThemeTrust in digits:

Total Themes: ~18
Total Plugins: 1
Free Themes Available: No
Pricing: $49 – 2 Themes

8. Mojo Themes

Mojo themes is a great WordPress theme seller and different at the same time. The site is a great place for buyers and sellers, offering not only WordPress themes, but also templates for Static Sites, Magento, Joomla, OpenCart and for most popular CMSs. The prices and affordable and the product are with great quality. All of the work there is provided by designers from around the Globe, which is a good benefit, when we talk about various of different themes.

Mojo Themes

Mojo Themes in digits:
Total Themes: ~449
Free Themes Available: Yes
Pricing: $8 – $59 (one time, individual theme pricing)

9. Store Front Themes

Store Front Themes is premium platform for eCommerce Themes & Child Themes as well as WordPress. Recently, the site has 5600 users, 2102 Facebook fans, 464 – Twitter followers, which makes it popular amount the people, who want to develop their online store easy and fast.

Store Front Themes

Store Front Themes in digits:
Total Themes: ~10
Total Plugins: 1
Free Themes Available: No

10. WpZoom

The themes that are in the portfolio of WpZoom are mostly business and portfolio styles. WpZoom is also known as the place, where you can get beautiful, high quality WordPress themes. Ease of use & lifetime support is guarantee.


WpZoom in digits:

Total Themes: ~53
Free Themes Available: Yes
Pricing: $69 – 2 Themes ; $149 – 3 Themes ; $199 + $9/month – All Themes ; $299 + $19/month – All Themes + Photoshop Layered Files

Hope you like our reviews and in case you want to buy professional WordPress Theme, to visit those wonderful themes sellers. mWPCloud recommends all of the given sites. But please, make sure you do you homework before you buying one.

What is WordPress? Information

As most of us already know, WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS), which is mainly based on PHP and MySQL which runs on a Web hosting service. The idea was realized in May 27, 2003, by founders Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg. Now, the latest version of this CMS is 3.5.2 and keep increasing, having in mind that is more than 28 800 000 times downloaded.

The best part of the system is in its features like a great number of free and premium themes and plug-in architecture, which allows you to manage almost every element of the blog. WordPress is also the most popular blogging system in the world, according to the latest records – 60 million websites worldwide are powered by this platform.

WordPress is well-made platform, where you can start blogging within 5 minutes!

Now, let’s see what elements this CMS has to get a little bit more familiar how it works basically.

WordPress Themes

Wonderful benefit, that comes with WordPres, is that not advance user can install and choose the theme (skin, design) of its blog with no more than two-three clicks. The blogger can easily change the theme and that way will have different look of the blog. This happens without coding and programing. The functionality of the system allows it to do it fast and easy. Themes can be installed in the system by uploading it in the correct directory, using FTP client. The address is (in most cases) /public_html/wp-content/themes. The other way (much more common and easy) is to use the option “Appearance -> Themes -> Add new”. The format here is the way you get it – .zip. In case you want to edit something in the code – PHP, HTML or CSS, you can always do that in the section “Editor”. You should know that their are a lot of themes on the web – free and paid (premium), that you can choose from. proudly provide more than 280 WordPress templates. Buy choosing our services, you will have the chance to use whatever you want.

WorpPress Plugins

WorpPress Plugins

One of the most popular feature of the WordPres is it own plugins, that are a great way to extend the abilities beyond the core installation of the system. You don’t have to write codes, integrate them. Thanks to these “helpers”, you can easily add extra functionality and visual elements to your blog/site. Accordingmos the the latest digits, WordPress has 25 987 plugins, that are downloaded 485 844 095 times. Every single plugin can help users customize their site the way they want to. We all have different needs. Adding a plugins is easy and can be done properly by following the instruction we gave in the WordPress Themes. The address is /public_html/wp-content/plugins and you can upload them from “Plugins -> Add new”. They also have ratings, stats, screenshots, support and so on. Here is the moment to let you know, that like themes, there are a lot of free plugins, but there is also paid.

We, from have installed all the plugins you need in order to make your blog look professional and functional.


wordpress widgetAnother great feature of the WordPress platform is the widgets. These are the little modules you install in your blog in order to make your blog’s side bar has more elements, like social icons, currency calculator, weather prognoses, testimonials, banner and links, slideshows and so on. These modules manly are included in sidebars (sidebar.php files), footer (footer.php) and header (header.php), that you can find in the “Editor” section in your admin panel of the blog system. There are a lot of widgets, most of them are free, some – paid. It is good to be known, that these great modules giving you the chance to change the blog / site, you want to. You can add to your system from the admin panel, or by uploading it in the directory, using FTP access.

WordPress Multi-user and multi-blogging

Prior to WordPress 3.0, WordPress supported one blog per one installation, although multiple concurrent copies may be run from different directories if configured to use separate database tables. WordPress Multi-User (WordPress MU, or WPMU) was a fork of WordPress created to allow multiple blogs to exist within one installation but is able to be administered by a centralized maintainer. WordPress MU makes it possible for those with a website to host their own blogging community, as well as control and moderate all the blogs from a single dashboard. WordPress MU adds eight new data tables for each blog.

Hope, now we gave you basic and you will search for more information. Please, read our blog regularly, we will give more useful information about WordPress and how to be one of the best bloggers on the net.


Short interview wiht Marko Heijnen, a 26 year WordPress enthusiast

Interview Marko HeijnenQuestion: Hi! Represent yourself.
Aswer: I’m Marko Heijnen, a 26 year WordPress enthusiast. I’m setting up my own business called CodeKitchen. Doing high end development for clients. Also currently traveling a lot in Europe to speak at WordPress kinds of events.

Q: Why you enjoy to work with WordPress?
A: I love the flexibility that is has. I do a lot of adjustments to the back-end and it would be a pain for most CMS systems. Also contributing back is fun to do and that is a big part of my daily job. I learned so much for doing that. And you then work with awesome guys who knows what they are doing.

Q: What you will talk about on WordUp! Conference Sofia 2013?
A: I will be talking about how WordPress works, current talks, code styling and how to use hooks in a good way. It’s quite a lot and will not really go in to the code. It’s all about understanding why WordPress does the things the way it’s doing.

Q: Why do you think, that exactly this topic will be interesting and useful for the audience?
A: I believe it helps them understanding WordPress better and it will make them a better developer.

Q: What kind of projects you’re working on now?
A: I’m currently working on fixing issues in WordPress core and a sister project called GlotPress. Besides that I’m working on a project for Musicians and also working on making tools for my own business. – official partner of WordUp! WordPress Conference

WordUp! Conference is an official partner of the event, that will be in Bulgaria for the first time.

Anyone who works with CMS system for sites and blogs WordPress, knows that it is very flexible, relatively and easy to manage. Largely, WordPress allows people who are not programmers to make professional sites, blogs and even huge informational networks.

Due to the increasing interest in this web platform, at the end of this month – on 27.04.2013 year  – starts WordUp! Conference Sofia 2013 in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is fact thanks to the support of Telerik Academy, (as an official partner, that proudly stays behind the idea),, and more. Speakers at the event, which over the years have earned your credibility as a good WordPress experts are: Mario Peshev Dimitar Nikolov Konstantin Dankov, Ivelina Dimova, Evlogiev, Hristo Chakarov and others.

WordPress Conference

The conference will be attended by special guest speaker from Netherlands – Marko Heijnen. He was one of the developers working on the core of WordPress. Knowledge he will share will be invaluable! We, from, will continue supporting such events. WordPress is taking more and more % in CMS system market year by year thanks to its features, popularity, functionality and much more.