Managed WordPress Hosting – What is This and How Does it Work?

The Managed WordPress Hosting provides full management of all technical details regarding your web site.

The host you choose should provide the following features:

1. Hardened Servers
2. Monitoring of Services
3. Vulnerability Sweeps
4. Automatic Update
5. Automatic Daily Rolling Backups
6. Premium, Security Reviewed, Themes
7. Support Ticket
8. High Traffic Caching Solutions
9. Instant scripted site creation & availability
10. A person who is ready to provide information and answer questions

Here are detailed descriptions of these features:

1. Hardened Servers – Security is something very important, so it is our priority to provide it to our customers. We have made an hour presentation that shows the main methods you use in order to make your business as safe as possible.

Numerous shared host providers have experienced serious security issues, so we implement hardened and enhanced PHP replacement.

2. Monitoring of services – Monitoring of services ensures that your site is online and can be accessed from all over the world. Services are restarted in case any problems occur. In addition, service monitors allow us to take your site to the next level when this is possible.

3. Vulnerability Sweeps – While your website is growing, we monitor the content of the PHP files to search for code that may be exploited. We never remove code without asking you first. However, we will let you know if there are any problems.

4. Automatic Update – We use this service to automatically update your website, so that you don’t have to worry about that. In addition, we are able to remove all customized plugins from the update.

5. Automatic Daily Rolling Backups – We make a backup or your content on a daily basis and store the information in other servers in order to provide fast restore when necessary.

6. Premium, Security Reviewed, Themes – The Manage Hosting we offer has a wide selection of Premium WordPress themes developed by the most famous and valued vendors. The security of these themes is checked and guaranteed in order to ensure your website is absolutely safe.

If you want to purchase professional premium themes on your own, their prices may vary between $90 and $200. Our aim is to guarantee that all sites we host are secure, so we use Headway 2.0 for our home accounts which cost only $90 annually. The price of the Headway themes is $87 and it’s included in the home account. This means that you receive a free annual Managed WordPress hosting.

7. Support Ticket – This system allows you to make tickets by emailing support or by signing for our services in order to access the HelpDesc. Thus you can see both closed and open questions, you have access to the billing information, you can check the status of the server and you are able to add or eliminate different services. It is possible to lose emails but this can’t happen with support tickets.

8. High Traffic Caching Solutions – Your serves has to function smoothly, so we have optimized out servers with different levels of caching, minification and compression. We also use special software to monitor your website because it is very important to provide reliable performance.

9. Instant scripted site creation & availability – We use the “Famous WordPress 5-minute Install” and reduce the installation time in half. The installation scripts install and configure the WordPress files and database. All you have to do is to enter the title and to set up your login and password. We take care of all other installation details, so you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

10. A person who is ready to provide information and answer questions – Management isn’t absolutely automates and you need to have a person who can always answer all questions you may have. You only need to use our HelpDesk and you will be able to contact an expert who can provide all information you need.