Short interview wiht Marko Heijnen, a 26 year WordPress enthusiast

Interview Marko HeijnenQuestion: Hi! Represent yourself.
Aswer: I’m Marko Heijnen, a 26 year WordPress enthusiast. I’m setting up my own business called CodeKitchen. Doing high end development for clients. Also currently traveling a lot in Europe to speak at WordPress kinds of events.

Q: Why you enjoy to work with WordPress?
A: I love the flexibility that is has. I do a lot of adjustments to the back-end and it would be a pain for most CMS systems. Also contributing back is fun to do and that is a big part of my daily job. I learned so much for doing that. And you then work with awesome guys who knows what they are doing.

Q: What you will talk about on WordUp! Conference Sofia 2013?
A: I will be talking about how WordPress works, current talks, code styling and how to use hooks in a good way. It’s quite a lot and will not really go in to the code. It’s all about understanding why WordPress does the things the way it’s doing.

Q: Why do you think, that exactly this topic will be interesting and useful for the audience?
A: I believe it helps them understanding WordPress better and it will make them a better developer.

Q: What kind of projects you’re working on now?
A: I’m currently working on fixing issues in WordPress core and a sister project called GlotPress. Besides that I’m working on a project for Musicians and also working on making tools for my own business.