What is WordPress Cloud Hosting?

The WordPress Cloud Hosting provides full management of all technical details regarding your web site.

The host you choose should provide the following features:

  1. Hardened Servers
  2.  Monitoring of Services
  3. Vulnerability Sweeps
  4. Automatic Update
  5. Automatic Daily Rolling Backups
  6. Premium, Security Reviewed, Themes
  7. Support Ticket
  8. High Traffic Caching Solutions
  9. Instant scripted site creation & availability
  10. A person who is ready to provide information and answer questions

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What infrastructure mWPCloud.com use?

There is a commercial contract with CooliceHost.com  in their Toronto Canada location  for the provision of hardware and network connectivity. Also we utilize WP.com a Content Delivery Network.  Our WordPress hosting environment is based on VMWare Cloud Based Servers, SSD (Solid State Drives), Nginx Web Server, Varnish Cache and cPanel


How to point my domain to mWPCloud.com? / How to use domain mapping?

You will receive our name servers during signup process.


Do  you offer email services?

YES you can setup Email with you hosing account.


How often are backups performed?

All servers have backups every night and backup data is kept for up to seven days. Besides nightly backups, there are copies of all data on your local server and these can be restored. All local files are retained for 7 days.


What are the bandwidth limits of mWPCloud.com?

We have bandwidth limits on shared WordPress hosting plans. You can reduce your usage up to 60-80% by utilizin WP.com Photon Content Delivery Network (CDN) for pictures, Google’s AJAX Libraries CDN to load common javascript libraries on all accounts and /or Cloudflare. So usual bandwidth impact is very low. Enterprise class solutions can have unlimited bandwidth depend on solution we build for you. Check the bottom of our hosting plans table for more information.


Are there limits or restrictions on plugins?


The number of plugins is unlimited. It is best to use plugins that have been updated within a reasonable amount of time and plugins that are performing an active function on the website.  If a plugin becomes an issue, configuration options and alternatives may be discussed with our customer support.

What support mWPCloud.com offer?


There is 24-hour monitoring of servers and help desk. If chat support, screen sharing, or getting on the phone/Skype is required, this can be done as well. Services are restored as soon as possible in case of an outage.

Based on our last year experience in wordpress managed hosting and in order to reduce prices close to standard web hosting, now mWPCloud.com offer only support to speed up and secure your wordpress instaltion. That’s are the most common issues which wordpress website owners.

We can offer extended support and even development of custom modules and plugins contact us for free quote


Do you support WordPress Multisite / Buddypress?


mWPCloud.com has extensive experience with WordPress Multsite and Buddypress.


How are migrations dealt with? What is the price?


The cost of migrating a site starts from $50. Sites are evaluated on an individual basis and a fixed price is set. Sites are set up and migrations can begin shortly. A preview follows to make sure everything is working properly. At low traffic time the DNS is switched over and traffic is directed to the new site so there are no virtually no downtime. When the account becomes active a migration request quote can be submitted via our internal HelpDesk system.


How my hosting plan can be upgraded?


You can upgrade at any time  by contacting mWPCloud.com .


How to submit a submit a support request?

Support Helpdesk is located at your blog admin menu.